Award Ceremonies

The Golden Dragon Award

The Golden Dragon is an annual award given out at Ropecon for long-term contributions in the field of role-playing games, miniature wargames, card games or board games, or for other distinguished advancements towards development and promotion of gaming culture in Finland. It was first given out in 2003.

The recipient of the 2021 award will be announced at the Ropecon 2021.

Past recipients of the Golden Dragon Award

2021: Hans Zenjuga
2020: Laura Kalli & Katri Lassila
2019: Mika Joensuu
2018: Juhana Pettersson
2017: Johanna Koljonen
2016: Miska Fredman
2015: Mikko Saari
2014: Johanna Virtanen
2013: Kersti Juva
2012: Toni Niittymäki and Markus Bremer
2011: Markus Montola and Jaakko Stenros
2010: Mike Pohjola
2009: Kalle ”Killeri” Kivimaa
2008: Niko ”GNiko” Mikkanen
2007: Esko “ELF” Vesala
2006: Risto “Nordic” J. Hieta
2005: Ville “Burger” Vuorela
2004: Mika “Magus” Laaksonen
2003: Lauri and Jyrki Tudeer

The Deed of the Year Award

The Deed of the Year is an annual award given out for a laudable project, action, publication or other significant contribution in the field of non-digital games. The award is given out by the Ropecon. Deed of the Year award was first given out in 2014.

The recipient of the 2021 award will be announced at the Ropecon 2021.

Past recipients of the Deed of the Year Award

2021: Mika Joensuu, “Figukatsomo”

2020: Tuomas Puikkonen, “From Other Realities” larp photography exhibition
For significant and long-term contributions towards a more diverse and inclusive documentation of the Finnish live-action role-playing game scene. (website in Finnish)

2019: Roolipeliyhdistys Avatar ry (Role-Playing Game Association Avatar ry)
For significant contributions towards maintaining the vitality and continuity of role-playing games as a hobby (website in Finnish)

2018: Suomen roolipeliseura (Finnish Role-Playing Game Association)
For the establishment of and continued activities provided by the Finnish Role-Playing Game Association (website in Finnish)

2017: Niina Niskanen
For creating the “Safer larping – A package of materials to combat and prevent harassment”

2016: Ilona Lamminen
For the thesis “Noppia ja sanataidetta: roolipelikerho kirjastossa” about how to run a role-playing game club in a public library (in Finnish)

2015: Laura Sirola
For designing the Larp calendar

2014: Milla Impola
For the “Voimavirtaa larppauksesta” project, a larp designed for people with severe disabilities (blog post in Finnish)