Virtual Ropecon Code of Conduct

Joining the Ropecon Discord server requires accepting this Code of Conduct.

  1. Respect others on the platform. Do not belittle, call names, insult, or deliberately offend other users. Do not make assumptions about gender or criticize the appearance or grammatical correctness of others.
  2. Take note of the fact that Ropecon is for people of all ages. Be especially mindful of harmful content when posting pictures, gifs, and links.
  3. Direct your discussions on Discord according to the topics of the channels and hold off-topic discussions on casual channels. Remember to give space for other conversations as well. Do not disturb ongoing games on game room channels.
  4. The main language of the Virtual Ropecon is Finnish, but you are welcome to use English on all Virtual Ropecon channels. The channel #international-meeting-point is only for English conversations.

The moderators can issue instructions in order to enforce the Code of Conduct. The moderators can mute channels, remove messages, links, and pictures that are in violation of the Code, suspend users repeatedly violating the Code and/or ban users from the platform. 

You can report suspected violations of the code to the moderators by posting a message that starts with !report on the channel in question: for example, “!report this seems inappropriate”.

If you encounter harassment, you can contact our anti-harassment contact person viaDiscord (you can find them in the user list under the title “anti-harassment contact person”/”Häirintäyhdyshenkilö”), via phone (045 136 2943), or via email (hairinta@ropecon.fi).

For further reading, check out the Virtual Ropecon Safer Space Manifesto and anti-harassment guidelines.